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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Here's what I think about Ball So Hard: top notch humans. Originality of team name? Weak. Strength of mustaches? Depends on Rock's face. If it's anything like this rare photo, I would say he's probably getting at least 3 dudes pregnant this week:

Come on in; the water is fine.

After I created that picture and sent it out, I had a bit of a laughing fit at the reactions of those who were lucky enough to receive it in an email entitled "You're going to regret this." This was pretty much me:

In other news, Corey and I are back to being BFFs. We bonded during our horribly embarrassing 21-0 skunking at Bags (or Cornhole for you weirdos) at the Plant Your Flag party. Rekindling our friendship was a highlight of the night. Losing at Bags was not. 

We finally broke out our matching outfits, though.

I really have nothing else to say for this GMOT. I'm kind of just watching MacGyver and for some reason, I'm really craving some chocolate.

See you on the fields, cuties.

And Money Maker Mike.

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