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Thursday, June 12, 2014


I have some bad news, y'all: Corey and I broke up as BFFs. It will probably be awkward on the fields when we don't know if we should acknowledge that we saw each other or just act like the other person doesn't even exist. It's just part of being a preteen in America's 2014, I guess. Anyway, I'm on to bigger, redder things so don't even feel bad for me (pity him, though). That's right, Red Rockets: I'm looking at you in all your weirdly erect glory.

The Legendary Red Rockets are some of the best people I know. Each and every member of their team is a combination of Zoolander's really, really good looks, Hansel's carefree and go-with-the-flow attitude, and Matilda Jeffries' incredibly sexy brains. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF 'EM. And yes, I'm hitting on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. They're also the only team I know that will take our weird challenge to a Denim-off and EMBRACE IT TO THE POINT OF CHAFING. That's dedication. I think it's time to escalate this situation to THREAT LEVEL DENIM.

If there's one thing I know, wearing as much denim as possible is not only the most comfortable summer attire for Texas weather, but also the sexiest. I'm pretty sure all of these celebrities agree:

Hey girl, I like how that denim fannypack looks with your jorts.

WARNING: Viewing this photo while female causes ovary explosion.

WARNING: Viewing this photo pantsless causes pregnancy.

This isn't Candy Van's first tangle with a Denim-off. I don't even remember the team we were playing, but we decided the theme was Canadian Business Time and this is what happened:

WARNING: You're pregnant now. Sorry that I'm not sorry.

Do you know why I look so unhappy in the following family photo? 'CAUSE I'M THE ONLY ONE ROCKIN' THAT DENIM.

Cardinals fan since the day I was born, yo.

Look. Denim is our past, present, and future, and it's time we start showing our love for that durable fabric by wearing as much as humanly possible.

Your reaction when you see my old lady denim outfit.

See you on the fields, y'all. Don't forget the vaseline!

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