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Monday, January 9, 2017


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We're 1 week in and we already have some rivalries heating up! 
Thanks to Kia we've got some picks started. Lets see how he does... 

Game 1: Brown Guy vs Anustart. 
Anustart -3.5

Game 2: Slumpbusters vs mocking jay. 
Mocking jay -2.5

Game 3: Baller vs where my pitches at? 
Ballers -2.5

Game 4: Kickball massacre vs shit show. 
Shit show -4.5

Game 5: Teabaggers vs TNB. 
Teabaggers- 3.5

Game 6: Dragonmyballz vs SOPKITP. 

Game 7: Fresh Bru vs LOKI. 
LOKI -2.5

Game 8: Shit show vs mocking jay. 
Mocking jay -8.5

RIVALRY OF THE WEEK! PurpleSaurus Rex vs Hardons. Tie
It'll be a wild and crazy game of who wore the best onesies. There might be some purple drank (we'll see), there may be some points scored, but we definitely know there will be some trash talking! Kia thinks we'll tie... I guess you can still tie at 0-0. This will definitely be one to watch, or just hang out near! 

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