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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Denver's Diary 1/25/17- Purplesaurus Rex

It's been a long week for most of us. Friday .... well I just wanted to hide under a bed, or in a bed, or really anywhere I could get away from Facebook/TV/Media in general. Then I got dragged to an actual fucking inauguration party!

Thankfully the host had provisions, and didn't turn the TV on! 

I spent the rest of the weekend taking it easy, you know only about a beer/hour.

Finally I made it back out today. I was told I had to work if I wanted any more beer.

I made friends!

Now I'm all juiced up and ready to go for next week. Could someone please tell my caretakers that I suck at chores/work?!? I'd rather just have some purple drank and wake up for the next game. 

Hump ya later,


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