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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Denver's Diary 1/11/2017-Purplesaurus Rex

Dear diary, 

Mood? Apathetic.

Just kidding (sorry if you don't get the reference), after this week I feel like living life to the fullest. 
I started off being inspected by a furry thing for acceptance.
Shut up, it went great. He liked what these golden balls were cooking.

Next thing I know, I'm being thrown into a shower to take a selfie. A SELFIE. IN THE SHOWER?
Who the fuck does that.
Regardless, rowdy is as rowdy does and I got real wet with this one.

With my days numbered I knew there was only time to waste. 
Into the ether I went, amongst the brews of bros past.
'Be like Waldo," they said.
'It's going to be fun," they said.

Until next Thursday, mi amigos...
Denver the gotdang Dinosaur

<3 Chelsea Levin

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