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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Denver's Diary 1/18/17- Purplesaurus Rex

Dear diary, 

What a weekend! Extensive birthday celebrations were in full force! My liver hates me, per usual. 
Thankfully there aren't any incriminating photos of the debauchery.

Here's me and a couple of my teammates, who's birthdays we were celebrating at the fields.   

Sunday funday!  This is the direction you go when the bar runs out of bubbly. 

Luckily my friends are pretty cool and let me detox at their place for the week. All I had to do was help out with some cooking. 
Never mind the fact that they made me eat veggies, not my favorite. 

Made some new friends. Sparkly and delicious bitches, just like I like 'em. 

With all of the recent rain, it was easy to accomplish a low key week. Thankfully I was able to occupy myself with some coloring and light reading. 

Now, fingers crossed that the fields are playable for Thursday night games! 

​Until next week! Peace, Love and Dinos. 

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