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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Large and In Charge - TX Live

Slumpbusters, we tried to go about this the nice way. Last season, we wrote you this http://austinwaka.blogspot.com/2015/07/large-and-in-charge-tx-live.htmlYou know, a gentle nudge in a better direction. Alas, our subtle prodding and offering of motherly love was cast by the wayside and Slim Jim McGrouchy Grumps is back and grouchier than ever. 

Last season we had real concern for Slim, we figured he'd lost his way, lost touch with reality. But, on this historical political night, we realize he's not lost, he's living in his own reality, HE'S A REPUBLICAN! Slim isn't just any republican. He's not toiling at the kiddie table with Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and the rest of Texas Music. He's on the big boy stage, front and center, he is the man himself, Donald Trump. Just like Donald doesn't want any policy questions, Slim can't handle any questions about his coaching. Mention Donald in a negative light and you better be ready for a cascade of name calling to the tune of "loser", "dope" and "dummy". Say anything to Slim and you best be ready for a torrent of F bombs.

But, we aren't a bunch of Fox News watching, Apprentice loving, let's build a wall citizens who have signed on to blindly follow Trump to the pits of hell. We see through his charade,  and Slim, we see through yours as well. You talk about being a member of the all mighty Legit, a team that travels the Circuit to play kickball around this country. Last we checked, Legit was the laughing stock of the Circuit and you spend most of your time sitting on a trashcan on the sidelines. But you are great in your eyes, and that counts for something. Like Donald on the big stage, we set the odds of Slim's complete implosion tonight at -110. Come check out the action on Field 2 at 7pm. Until then... May God bless you and May God bless Large and In Charge. 

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