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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Game two and still no chant! Punts need a chant y’all! The captains have tried for the last few seasons to teach one, make up a new and original one, begged the team to make one up themselves and to no avail! There aren’t too many words that rhyme with “punt” and become a good (PG) chant……Regardless, the team still rocks. This week alone there was some serious showing of costumes, a trip to see Phish in concert, a Bangers event, and a boat ride! See how fun we are?!

Speaking of Banger’s…..remember that fun Banger’s brunch/ Rainey street take over last season? We think that needs to happen again. Do I hear a whoot whoot?

Till next week my pink- winged friends, stand strong on that one leg. 

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