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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Large Hardon Collider

Ladies and gentleballers, we have upped the ante. Again.

You may or may not have seen a giant Artie penis running around the bar last week. Wait, let me clarify…Artie dressed up in a giant penis costume. Let me introduce to you our newest, and most lovable/hilarious, weekly ritual:

LVP (Least Valuable Player)

That’s right folks, at the end of each game we put up nominations for who made the funniest, worst play, and for their reward they get to be the most popular person at the bar.

So when you see King Dong drinking the pain away, feel free to console them in any creative way possible because they probably did something like this:

As an aside I would like to quickly give a shout out to all the teams we’ve played this season. All of our games have been super fun and everyone has been a great sport. All of our refs have been top notch as well. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

Also don’t forget that it’s Week 5 and thus officially approved to bang your favorite, willing teammate!

Good luck to you all. 

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