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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Snap Lords - TX-Republic

What’s this?! More squirrely squirrel shenanigans?!?

Come on!!!! Now I won’t hesitate to give props to a team that beat us (and yes, Hannah Montana made some great plays that held the game and probably sealed the win). And I won’t hesitate to acknowledge when we’ve cooked our own goose (there was definitely some sloppy fielding out there and our kicks can occasionally leave something to be desired). But I also have to declare when “IT” happens. People who played that game knows what “IT” I’m talking about, and I can only describe “IT” as:

But whatever. Regardless, that was still a fun game to play (as per our usual bouts with Hannah Montana)!! Besides, it’s only the regular season. Very soon now the regular season will be over and then it’s on to all the glory that is PLAYOFFS.

(Yes, that is my alma mater and we show our happiness with Bernies.)

After a week off for ACL, we’re back in the saddle and ready to win against Team LIVESTRONG. And I just want to be clear on this: if Lance Armstrong does NOT show up (or at least does a ride-by) to the game, I shall consider your team name to be a form of trickery and seek revenge on you for making me act like an obnoxious fan girl.


Laura N. Carr

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