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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Relax and Let It Happen - TX Live

Teabaggers are that “friend” that you pretend to be nice to but you actually hate. No matter what you want to do – a night at the movies, house party, hittin the clurb… some of your friends will be out, some will be in. Teabaggers are ALWAYS in. 

You’ve tried to send a not-so-subtle message. Beating them game after game, year after year. Don’t they get it? Stop trying to hang with us! You aren’t on our level and you never will be. But they are oblivious to your efforts. They have a 3 second rebound rate - they’re upset and sad and mad that they lost, and but a moment later they’re back in your face again, trying to hang.
Last week we really stepped out of the box – it was our last attempt at getting through to them. Shitting all over their dreams at 9-0. Maybe after this they’ll stop considering themselves as a legit, actual opponent to us and accept their true destiny .Relax to Teabaggers is crisp, fresh, organic Washington apples to moldy, imported, 3rd world oranges.

Teabaggers – we don’t care that you like us and we don’t care that you’re going to cramp our style in Vegas. Seriously, have a blast. Enjoy. Just stop claiming to be comparable to us. It’s not even close. 

Also, WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING LETTING DRE ON YOUR TEAM? We thought we had taken one for the league with our last misstep, alerting all that allowing Dre to play with you is a horrible mistake. Teabaggers, that one is on you. We can only help so much.

Some people are champions. To everyone but Teabaggers, love you guys. Smooches y’all.

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