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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Large Hardon Collider - Length

Hello my friends, it's 'bout time y'all learned
Of this sweet little move before you get burned
It's certain to keep you rich in friends
If you just give it a try, your embarrassment will end

Well this sweet little move, it's the right thing to do
When it's time to get busy, in your room or the loo
When your partner is ready and raring to go
Don't just ball up your fist and ram it on home

This sweet little move, oh yes, sweet indeed
Push your fingers together and make your best beak
It's the right thing do, I'll say it again
The Courtesy Beak: Your new best friend

Aerodynamically true, lube you shant need
The design of this beak is the best thing we've seen
Now do not forget this when you set down beside 'er (or him, but that doesn't rhyme)
For we will be watching
Large Hardon Collider  ( uu==Length==D~~ )

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