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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Relax and Let It Happen

Well after an ugly start to the season due to some missing pieces Relax appears to be rolling, winning our last 3 games. Last week was a good game against the poor poor Walks. Lets face it, their offense is just terrible. But wait, they scored 8 runs against us the first time we played!! They were the best team in the universe!! What happened!?!? Well the answer to this question is simple either there was only one team in the universe they were living in, OR the universe was filled with weird aliens who have no arms or legs. It's never a good idea to run your mouth for 5 weeks to a team that your record is something along the lines of 1-78 against, C'MON MAN!! Look we like yall, you're all good people, we let you hang out with us, but you're not as good or even close. So fall in line Walks and compete for the Robin position, you're not ready to be Batman.

This week we've got the Teabaggers, they dominated us the first time out and then let us back into the game resulting in a tie. They've played well all season and we MIGHT be able to get 10 to the game this week so we'll see what happens.


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