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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Look, I know the whole animated GIF thing is rather dated in terms of internet memes. Internet memes are one thing that Candy Van is okay with being a little bit older. Tonight, we play the Douchebaggers at 8:45 p.m. Probably on field 1. 90% of our team will be blacked out. Just how these things work, ya know? Here are some things that are probably gonna happen tonight:

When Tom & Valerie make up after Tight & Bright beats That Kick Cray:

When Tom goes up to kick against James:

And then James gets the weirdest boner and his team is like:

But Candy Van is like:

When Valerie gets drunk and starts hitting on every male at the fields:

And Eric Goodyke gets excited about it:

When Joey comes up to kick and the teabagger outfield is all:

When CV is up by 5 and the Teabaggers don't know what happened:

When everyone realizes just how drunk Joey is for the game:

When Liz officially joins the League of Married Women:

(just kidding. Congrats Liz & Justin!)

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