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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Get Drunk, Kick Away

I’m seriously getting tired of our schedule. Its horseshit. This is the second time we’ve had to go on two week hiatus for some such reason like national holidays or torrential down pours. If I could figure out who was forcing our team to take such long and agonizing breaks I’d punch him so hard he’d only be able to grow a thin pedo-stache for Movember.

Ball Me Maybe I hope you are prepared for this. This game is going to be a big pile of sexy topped with some awesome sauce. Its No Shave November, we haven’t played in two weeks, we are finely forged athletes that never played ball sports past the 10th grade, and we’re bringing a cooler full of booze. If you are trying to picture this let me help you.

He’s whispering to you. “Hola, me llamo GDKA. Que Smoldery!”

Post game we’ll be looking for high fives and smiles. Don’t get all upset about the beatdown. Don’t be pouty, or sad. Be happy, excited, and above all us, Be Drunk.

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