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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Get *****, Kick Away

We are indomitable champions of refusing to lose, and can tie just about any team in this league. Especially those Balls Deeper fellows who have even more ties than we do. It was a game that was ours to win, but as usual we found new and creative ways to move the opposing baserunners around the diamond, and ultimately managed to choke away a win.

We're running up against the Faceballs this week, and we're done screwin around. Set your privacy settings to RESTRICTED because you don't want your friends seeing what we're going to do to you tonight. Not only will we be winning the award for most merciless beat down, but we're also gunning for most non-sensical costume, loudest strike call, highest kick, most Joose consumed, best looking outfield, most take out slides at second, least appropriate under-the-breath comment while slapping hands after the game, and shrillest indignant questioning of a referees call. It's all-out tonight.

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