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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcome to the GMOT!

The Ghost Man on Third blog is a player-contributed blog meant as a vessel for you to share pictures of the awesome stuff you did at kickball, your sweet theme night costumes, bar shenanigans, smack talk about the team you're playing this week, claims of greatness, and absolutely anything else that you might like the rest of the league to see. To send in a post, email waka.gmot@gmail.com anytime between Friday and Wednesday, and I'll post everything in the inbox on Thursday morning. Teams who post all ten weeks of the regular season will get a round of free shots on WAKA at the end of season party!

A few ground rules:
  • No hate speech. This means attacking someone on the basis of their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else along those lines.
  • No nudity. People usually read this blog on Thursday while they're killing time at work wishing they were playing kickball instead. Keep it SFW!
  • No excessively harsh language/cursing. It's ok to drop a bomb here and there, we're all adults, but that also means we don't just call each other names. I'll let Coach McGurk explain the intricacies of cursing effectively:

P.S. Try and find a metaphor like the horse or the tree rather than abusing our volunteer referees.

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