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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Relax and Let It Happen

There are a lot of questions facing us this season. I've been here the longest and know the most of anyone (even Jay), so I'd like to answer some FAQs.

1. Will Relax win another Championship?

You know how people say there are no stupid questions? This is the exception to the rule. 

2. Will the Teabaggers stop blaming all of their losses on the refs and everyone/everything else but themselves?

Probably not. Teabaggers, what are the chances that you guys are better than us and the only reason we beat you is because of the refs? I think it's pretty slim and so does the rest of the league. So quit bitching. It is sad. You guys are a second-tier team and it's time to accept that. Your glory days are over. 

3. Will Joey, the king of douches, be able to last a whole season playing with Candy Van, the kings and queens of ... being weird?

I'll answer this question by setting up a scene that I think will play out:

Candy Van does one of their silly/cute cheers that they like to do. They try to get Joey to do it. 

Joey: I'm not doing that stupid cheer you bunch of gays! Get away from me you nerds!!

Cute Val: Please, Joey!

Joey: No, bitch!!

4. Will Dre get to the championship again?


I have no idea who we play tonight. Come out and watch us beat them. Until then, Relax and Let it Happen.

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  1. Hey Remember that time that Relax lost to the Walks in the season opener?