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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Get Censored, Kick Away

It was mean. It was rude. It was down right contemptible. But We’re Good At Flip Cup showed their true colors, and in a very un-sportsman like manner decided to beat us while we were still grieving for our most untimely name change. Get Drunk, Kick Away will never ride again, and while we were spilling some for our dead team they boosted a few flies and put up their only runs of the night. Stephen “Cleats Up” Moose-Hurd in his return after a few seasons out picked up exactly where he left off taking out an otherwise innocent female second basemen. Eric “What’s A Depth Chart” Ormsby decided that rotations are for suckers and ran about the field flailing wildly whenever he felt like it. Alex “Live Champion” Mitrowski not only got on base, but proceeded to run the bases like he had seen a baseball game at some point in his life. Week two will be a much different showing as in week one some of us our newer teammates (or maybe the Captain that made it) did not entirely realize that the weekly punch may or may not contain a pile of booze in it, while others are being rehabilitated into a fun offense of kicking rather than bunting. LET’S GET DRUNK CENSORED!


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