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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Team Easy!

The game of the season is finally here. And it’s promising to be the perfect parade of pocahontas pinkness.
In this week’s epic battle of drunken pinkness, Team Easy faces off with long-time drunken slutty rival, Candy Van, in this season’s PINK OFF!! There will be gallons of PPD and 'Pink Panther Rum Fizz' flowing, a dedicated 2nd base jello-shot station, DJ Nat Attack on the decks, and more pink than a 7-year-old girl’s bday party (that reference for you, Candy Van creepsters. Don’t get too excited. Ok, maybe a little is okay).
Our game is at 7:15 on Field #1, but it’s not like I’d have to tell you that. You’ll be looking over at us all night anyway.

I’m looking forward to another night of getting so drunk that we get cut-off at Egos (which I personally learned 2 weeks ago *is* possible, contrary to popular belief). Everyone is welcome to swing by and have some drinks/shots on us as we whore it up on the fields!

Here’s to PINK OFF / Disney Week!!

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