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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Honestly, I'm a huge slacker, and I couldn't really think of anything worthy of following up the epicness of Nicolas Cage being Candy Van's #1 fan. I tried to find a picture of good ol' Nic in a van, but he's such a stealthy creeper that no such photos exist on the interwebs.

This week, it's hard to talk too much trash. I mean, we're playing our slutty little sister team: Team Easy. We're like the older brother who used to tell his friends to stay away from his sister, but we gave up long ago after she got weird with the Varsity football team in the locker room. But you know what? We still love her, and we just can't hold it against her. Instead, we've taken the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' approach and are ready for our epic battle of pink and easiness tonight. Field 1. 7:15. Any event that has a pre/post party at the Church of Chapa has got to end up being a complete sheet show, right? (pun intended)

So, come on out, check out our slutty pink outfits and our inability to play legitimate kickball. We're getting real WEIRD with our lineup, too. Who says you can't play sweet, sweet kickball when you're drawing positions at random from a hat?

(Sorry this GMOT is so lame. I am more focused on Tacodeli than anything else at the moment.)

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