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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big League Chew

I'll start out with the "bad" news. Big League Chew is no longer all-defeated. We gave it our best shot, but just couldn't come through. That being said, we are STILL undewin-ed!!!

Last week was the best performance our team has put forth all season. Aided by someone on the other team striking out swinging twice, and fouling out once, Big League Chew finally emerged not the loser! Unless you believe that everyone loses in a tie... which is probably true...

Nate Fox led the scoring for BLC with a HOME RUN! Well it wasn't so much a home run as it was a single and a really big error... but lets stick with HOME RUN! We also shuffled the fielding a bit, giving people a chance at some new positions, and letting S. Driskill show off his pitching prowess. This will be continued tonight.

Last but not least, while we had many heroes in the game, none were as significant as Amy Brunner! Way to score that game tying run! And great job Todd with the kick that made it happen.

Oh, and goodbye Marie. Thanks for all the memories, and for getting the last out. Bases loaded, chance to win the game, but you helped preserve our undewin-ed season! Tonight we will be without a number of teammates, but we will have Todd, Janice and Mari who are all playing their last game of the season. Won't be the same without you!

I think we play Relax. I've never heard of them, so I assume they are new to the league. Should be a piece of cake, right?

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