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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Big League Chew

Little BLC in the BIG CITY. So we may have had a little let down in week 8, forcing us from the 6 seed to the 8. We may be pretty shorthanded next Saturday with people graduating and leaving town for weddings. We may be a new group of rag tag kids, who've never even seen a kickball tournament, let alone played in one. BUT, don't count out Big League Chew! With a defense that gave up the 3rd fewest runs in the league, BLC is primed for a big playoff run!

Game 1 Delta Bravos: You are apparently big and fast, and you have played short handed a lot this season making you substantially underrated. BUT, we have a player straight off the boat from Ireland. Land of the keg toss and... other things. She might be small, but now that she understands the rules she's ready to take us to the next level
Game 2 Relax and Let It Happen: I've never even heard of you. Must be new to the league. Good luck facing our line-up, we got at least 5 or 6 people on first base last week. NBD. I know the playoffs can be scary for a new team, so we'll take it easy on you. I'm expecting 5-0.
Game 3 TBD: I can't wait until we throw crippled Stephen in at pitcher to rest Nate's arm.
Game 4 Win Championship: PUT IT ON THE BOARD!

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