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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hoeloween/Halloweek/Creepoween/Hallowheezy aka Best Holiday Ever

Last week, Halloweek, was a blast..I saw Snoop Dogg on top of all the holiday festivities. Epic! It was such a blast that yesterday, on the actual day, I went to sleep at 8 p.m. no joke. After 4 different costumes and 5 Halloween parties, I was officially exhausted. I saw so many great costumes last Thursday at kickball. Great job guys! Here are a few of my favorites:  

Kyle and Kyle
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
I see you, shakin' that ass

Candyvan does the best creepy

Sour Patch Kids

So yeah, we are a bunch of weirdos and I love it. Things got a little out of hand at Ego's on Thursday. However, JB and I were totally on our guard and came up with the best roofie protection tower. It was complicated and obvious if you tried to touch it and remove the cups. I like to think of it as the roofie protection boobie trap. That's effing team work right there! The one below is also a contribution made by JB at our mid season party. He is really on his 'don't get roofied' game. Props dude...

Do not get near our drinks!

So excited to see yall Thursday. I can't believe it's November already. I forgot my interns birthday at work today...oops. But November seriously snuck up on us! Have a great day and see you Thursday for beautiful weather and great times at the field and third base. Pres out.

MM: 11-1-11

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