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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Candy VAN

These are the things that happened last week in our game: 
1. We stopped paying attention a few times and let 3 runs in. 
2. Our offense finally woke up and we put 9 or 10 runs on the board (We stopped counting). 
3. Dre got pissed off. 
4. Dre lost to a team captained by a girl, a feat he claimed would never happen. 
5. Dre earned the new nickname Captain Shambles. 
6. Tom and Valerie squatted and lunged at and around anyone who stood still long enough to allow it. (You're welcome, Alex!) 
7. Jay let his man crush on Tom show. 
8. Dre continued to be pissed off. 

This week we're playing Brown Chicken Brown Cow. We'll be themed out to the MAX and drinking more than we should for a team in Capital at a 6:15 game. So, you know, normal behavior for us. 

Pray tell, dear CV GMOT Author. what is this theme of which you speak? 
Oh, well, it's the best theme ever, of course: Drunk Injured Valerie. That's right: Candy Van will be honoring (is that the right word?) their captain by wearing bandages, braces, and a trucker hat and mumbling and stumbling around the fields/bars/life. Look for such classics as "Creepy humping motion and accompanying face" and "She can't make eye contact... is she okay?" Valerie has even promised to sport a cape just like old times. Who says you can't black out for a 6:15 game?

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