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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Playoff Picks

A not-terrible week of 6-2-1 leaves me with a final percentage of .722, or as some may call it: God-like in my precognition. On to the playoffs!

Regular Season Record: 50-18-4 (.722)


Quarterfinal A: #1 The Tyrannical Tea Baggers vs #8 Large Hardon Collider - Girth
The Tyrannical Tea Baggers -5.5

Quarterfinal B: #4 Plan B vs #5 Large Hardon Collider - Length
Plan B -4.5

Quarterfinal C: #2 Finkick Odair vs #7 Sit On My Base
Finkick Odair -6.5

Quarterfinal D: #3 FRESH BRU vs #6 Tight and Bright

Semifinal A: #1 The Tyrannical Tea baggers vs #4 Plan B
The Tyrannical Tea Baggers -2.5

Semifinal B: #2 Finkick Odair vs #3 FRESH BRU

Championship: #1 The Tyrannical Tea Baggers vs #3 FRESH BRU
Dear God please let this be how it shakes out, I really don't want to put another friggin Hunger Games pun on the trophy. FRESH BRU seems to be getting better every year but the Tea Baggers are their strongest iteration in years it seems like (when they're playing up to their potential). I may be picking with my heart here, but I want the new blood to taste ultimate victory!


Play-In A: #8 PurpleSaurus Rex vs #9 Jacked to the Kicks
PurpleSaurus Rex -1.5

Play-In B: #7 Sons of Pitches Kickin the Punt vs #10 Red Ball and Vodka
Sons of Pitches Kickin the Punt -3.5

Quarterfinal A: #1 Pitches Be Trippin' vs #8 PurpleSaurus Rex
Pitches Be Trippin' -4.5

Quarterfinal B: #4 Booooze On First! vs #5 Do You Even Kick, Bro?
Booooze On First! -3.5

Quarterfinal C: #2 Brown Guy and Friends vs #7 Sons of Pitches Kickin' the Punt
Brown Guy and Friends -9.5

Quarterfinal D: #3 At Least We're Having Fun vs #6 Kickin' Grass & Takin' Names
At Least We're Having Fun -3.5

Semifinal A: #1 Pitches Be Trippin' vs #4 Booooze On First!
Pitches Be Trippin -3.5

Semifinal B: #2 Brown Guy and Friends vs #3 At Least We're Having Fun
Brown Guy and Friends -2.5

Championship: #1 Pitches Be Trippin' vs #2 Brown Guy and Friends
They've clearly established themselves as the class of the conference, but it remains to be seen exactly what it looks like when both teams are actually going full tilt for the W. With no auto-promotion to an upper conference on the line you can bet they won't be holding back, which I believe tilts the balance in favor of Brown Guy and his cohorts. Pitches has faded down the stretch with what seems like lackluster attendance from key players, but could return to form in the playoffs. Still...
Brown Guy and Friends -1.5

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