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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Relax and Let It Happen - TX Live

Thursday March 6
5:40 PM – Relax begins to gather at El Mercado.
5:42 PM - First round of margs ordered. Shitty half price apps ordered.
5:52 PM – Second round of margs ordered.
6:15 PM – Third round or margs ordered.
6:34 PM – Dre arrives.
6:35 PM – Final round of margs ordered.
6:45 PM – Depart for fields.
6:59 PM – Shit on their dreams chant.
7:00 PM – Game vs. TnB begins. TnB genuinely believes they can win.
7:02 PM – TnB loses all hope.
7:06 PM  – Relax leads 8-0.
7:21 PM  – Relax leads 13-0. Game concludes due to mercy rule.
7:26 PM – TnB tries to cheer themselves up with their silly TnB chant. Relax throws things at them.
7:32 PM – JG goes home. Kate goes home. Alex goes to the bar with TnB because she feels bad for them. Jen and Jenna go somewhere else to drink. Joey goes somewhere else to black out. Hutch goes to some girl’s house.

Friday March 7
7:46 AM – Various members of Relax wake up. Joey is already in an Operating Room supervising a surgery. Hutch gives his booty call a classy kiss on the cheek and sneaks out in silence. Dre snuggles deeper in his sheets and remembers the one catch he made successfully last night. He giggles in delight.  Everyone takes a moment to reflect on how great it is to be a member of Relax, and throws in a prayer for those less fortunate.

Smooches y’all.

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