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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pitches be Trippin - TX Live

The story began a long time before you and I. But to save time (mainly my own), I'm going to begin in 2014. There are riots(and worse) in in Ukraine, Venezuela and Turkey. It's becoming more and more likely that aliens abducted a 777 Dreamliner full of people. The thursday night kickball league in Austin, Texas is as volatile as ever...It's POPPIN! Let's examine that further.
I'll go ahead and start with the most recent game. We played against an amazing team called Kicks Like Jesus, formerly known as the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians team (just kidding, there was no affiliation, and only one 'A'). This was a game that will be remembered for many seasons to come... It had it all; heroic plays, bewilderment, danger, and even suspense. 

The game began like any other: I was talking to someone, and then realized the first inning was about halfway through. I said to whomever I was talking to the same thing I say every game; "Oh shit, I didn't realize the game had started! Seems like this happens every game!"

I found a small un-mowed portion of grass at the base of the support cable for the power-line. I got the attention of one of the new players on the team and said "See this? This is what you want - you wanna stash your stuff in a tuft of grass like this. You can put anything in here - booze, condoms, cigarettes, grass, liqour, you name it."
He pondered it a second and then responded to the effect of "My beer's in my friend's backpack, but... I guess I could stash some cigs, cool if I share that spot?" Of course it was ok. That was the first time I had ever used a tuft of grass to stash things.
First 3-6 people go, maybe we scored, maybe we didn't. It's time for me to go in to my position at 1st. I focus in on the play. My mission is to not get distracted as the first ball it pitched, and get to the ball or base as fast as possible. My body is poised, strung up like a bow and arrow ready to be released and hurdle towards it's target at high speeds. 

There it goes...Huh? I didn't see what happened somehow. I asked the guy standing in as first base base coach for KLJ what happened.  He said "That guy over there caught it somehow. It was actually pretty amazing, haha."
There it goes...Bam, misfire. 

Second ball bounces and is caught by one of my teammates , and I stretch out diagonally with my foot on the base and catch a ball just after a girl runs through first... I'm assuming; that felt like it was safe. But I didn't see what happened; I was focused on the ball. The ref called her 'out'. What? I thought she was safe, but I was wrong! It was then it was time to act like I didn't think it was a big deal as our team cheered. Then I fucked up a difficult but not impossible catch after that. 

So anyway the game ended up tying, so... neither team lost.Then we played flip cup with them, and we ALMOST played a game of flip cup for the tie-breaker, but both teams mutually agreed not too... which worked out in our favor, because our team had horrible luck, (or horrible skill, whatever you wanna call it). 

Badass night.

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