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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kickin' the Punt - TX Live

Kick in the pink….er I mean PUNT!!

Our mish-mosh of players has proven to be a great collective of folks. Regardless of our playing ability, this team member is just happy to arrive and chat with some other super cool folks. At last week’s nasty cold game most all of our team showed up and thanks to the generous donation of hot (decaf!) coffee we survived the chill to have a fun game. One member even showed up super sick and stuck it out as long as he could! Get better man, we missed you.

We also hope that our original mascot made a noticeable arrival to the league.  Punty has been replicated now and its twin is Pinky. AND, not to be shown up, we have a couple of flying flamingos flapping like hell in the wind and cheering us along. Kickin the Punt has some bad ass pink, long necked, bird like, large billed, beautiful members and supporters. We hope they will be merry and multiply. For the rest of the league NOT wearing bright pink, feel free to come on over and meet our lovely lovers any time. Why not just come on by and meet the team too!

As for the mid season party, it seemed THAT nights cold proved a bit much and we had a smaller showing. Still, pics were tagged, friends were made, pink (BRIGHT pink) was worn, and drinks were drunk all in the name of Punty. Long may he live.

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