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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

TX Live Week 1 Picks

Welcome back to another season of Stephen not using any sort of advanced analytics, rhyme, or real reason at all and making controversial picks and setting arbitrary lines for games. Remember, CLUBWAKA does not endorse sports betting or gambling in any fashion, but if Justin gets out that green plastic visor y'all better let me know so I can hit the ATM.

Regular Season Record: 0-0-0 (.000)


Game 1: Large Hardon Collider Length vs TBD-Cumming Soon
LHC -1.5

Game 2: At Least We're Having Fun vs Booooze On First!
At Least We're Having Fun -3.5

Game 3: Do You Even Kick, Bro? vs Brown Guy and Friends
Brown Guy and Friends -1.5

Game 4: Jacked to the Kicks vs Kickin' Grass & Takin' Names
Jacked to the Kicks -3.5

Game 5: Large Hardon Collider Girth vs Tight and Bright
Tight and Bright -2.5

Game 6: Pitches Be Trippin' vs PurpleSaurus Rex
PurpleSaurus Rex -6.5

Game 7: Red Ball and V0dka vs Sons of Pitches Kickin the Punt
Red Ball -3.5

Game 8: Plan B vs Finkick Odair
Finkick Odair -2.5

Game of the Week: The Tyrannical Tea Baggers vs FRESH BRU
Talk about a grudge match! Tea Baggers are NOT accustomed to being eliminated in the quarterfinals, in fact I can't recall the last time it happened. Watching those guys walk off the field after FRESH BRU's go-ahead inning was like watching the Mariners walk off the field after THIS HAPPENED last night. They're gonna come out firing hard, but FRESH BRU ain't no rookie bitch anymore. I couldn't be MORE EXCITED about a week one game, which is probably why I scheduled it.

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